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Thursday, 30 June 2016 18:56

A Shady Topic

Desert living comes with many perks, topping that list is enjoying our beautiful outside desert landscapes year-round. In the Coachella Valley, many local cities require the provision of shade in the layout of parking lots by using trees and covered parking. In addition to this, architectural designs are expected to provide passive solar mitigation over windows and significant shade areas where people might congregate. Community centers are expected to provide trellis covers and address walkways and trail systems with arbors and trees – especially in rest nodes and destination areas.

So what can you do to provide more shade on your property and in your backyard? You can add structures that provide shade, such as pergolas, gazebos, or canopies.


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There are also shade trees that are useful for providing some much needed relief from the sun. Here are some popular ones for this climate:

Chilean Mesquite:

Chilean mesquite











Palo Verde:












Southern Live Oak:












Tipu Tree:

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Whichever one you choose, you can’t go wrong. In these sweltering summer desert temperatures, shade has become one of the biggest commodities! RGA has professionals who are knowledgeable in providing shade through our landscaping design. Call us for a consultation and to discuss your needs!

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Water is the most basic, abundant, and essential natural resource. So why is California experiencing such shortages that the government has called for emergency regulations and mandatory cutbacks? Over 70% of the earth’s area is water and of that, 10% is potable. This historic drought – recording the driest years in the state’s recent history – has greatly affected river and reservoir levels (the largest two of which are only at 57% of their normal levels for this time of year). This information is important for Californians to know so they can be a part of the effort to conserve water – on both small and large scales.

Personally and in your homes, there are many things you can do to cut back on your water usage. Click on this link for helpful suggestions from Save Our Water, who is partnered with the Coachella Valley Water District (and many other cities and water districts throughout California) to find out what you can do to make an impact in the water conservation effort. http://saveourwater.com/what-you-can-do/

On a larger scale, sustainable landscapes that are water efficient are crucial to California’s water conservation efforts. In the desert, there is a paradigm shift from lush green lawns being the standard of beauty in landscape design, to vibrantly colored native plants as an aesthetic improvement. RGA, recognized experts in the field of low water use irrigation design, is passionate about being a part of the future of sustainable landscaping in the Coachella Valley. For examples of some traditional landscapes that are water-wasteful, which we have redesigned to be water-wise, view a gallery of some of our projects here: http://www.rga-pd.com/landscape-architecture-projects/country-clubs-resorts-hotels.

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